Georgia Folks: Be on the Lookout

Apparently there are a couple of prisoners who managed to escape this morning, wrestling a gun away from a couple of cops and then killing them with it. It happened on a bus transport between facilities, after which they car-jacked a green Honda Civic and escaped.

The photos here aren't the most recent ones; it sounds like the younger man now has several facial tattoos, having joined a racist prison gang. So you won't find him too hard to spot, unless his companion has the good sense to shoot him and dispose of the body.


Eric Blair said...

Neck and face tattoos are a class marker. As in having none.

Grim said...

I've heard that they serve an important role in the drug-dealer economy: they can instantly establish that you are a committed member of that community, and not some plant. In a low trust environment where strangers can't otherwise be treated as trustworthy, they establish bona fides (just because they mark you as permanently unemployable in any other fashion).

But, however true that may be, you might as well not think you're going to escape a dragnet while wearing them. There's only a few places in Georgia you could go where such tattoos would not shout that you don't belong, and the police know where all of those places are.

Grim said...

As of this morning, they are still at large. It'd be easy to lose sight of that given the news focus on the London fire and the shooting of the Republican congressmen.