Havok Journal has a piece by one such.
The first time I played a set of highland bagpipes, the feeling was immense and indescribable. The ability to command such a powerful instrument and convey a mood of elation or utter sorrow was incredible. The first time I fired a M2 .50 caliber machinegun, my brain was equally unprepared to wholly understand what my hands were wielding and what they were then capable of.
Not everyone likes the bagpipes, but then again not everybody loves Ma Deuce either!


Eric Blair said...

I used to be able to assemble and disassble an M2 blind folded. (Really not that hard). People always messed up the head space and timing tho.

Sweet weapon.

raven said...

Amazing what JMB invented. from the Colt Woodsman to the M2 and everything in between.

douglas said...

That's a nicely written piece. Thanks for that, Grim.