Nothing Says "Discrete" Like MOLLE Webbing

It's probably a great product, but I am deeply amused by the marketing.
Set up your discreet mobile field office with the Tactical Shit Snowden Computer Bag that is designed to hold a 17" laptop. The pack unzips to become a portable field desk with multiple pockets for all your gear, documents, pens, power cord, etc. The padded perimeter rim will not only protect your computer, it will also keep the sun off the screen during daylight operations.
What's the MOLLE for anyway? Rigging a holster and an ammo pouch to the outside of your computer bag?


Eric Blair said...

So you can hang flash-bang grenades off it for those meetings that just NEED TO END.

Anonymous said...

Oh my - I am so fantasizing about that next time I am stuck in a meeting like that!

Tom said...

Clearly there is a need for MOLLE-attachable USB pockets, drone controller holsters, etc.