That's How I Want Government to Work All The Time

Charles M. Blow at the NYT:
The American people must immediately demand a cessation of all consequential actions by this “president”.... no action to put this presidency on pause is extreme. Rather, it is exceedingly prudent.

Some things must be done and some positions filled simply to keep the government operational. Absolute abrogation of administrative authority is infeasible and ill advised. But a bare minimum standard must be applied until we know more about what the current raft of investigations yield.
Don't stop there! Let's adopt this as the model going forward: the Federal government should do only the bare minimum of things that absolutely have to be done. I'd suggest that we draw the line at "anything for which there is not explicit constitutional warrant." But if that's not good enough, I'll consider constitutional amendments designed to make the "bare minimum standard" for Federal action even tighter.


Texan99 said...

Well, until we get a good leader again, then of course he gets to be mommy and daddy again.

Grim said...

Yeah, he's come around to seeing why it's a good idea in this one narrow circumstance. Getting him to see that it's the right thing in general is still a million miles away.

jaed said...

Please don't throw me in the briar patch. ;-)

Ymar Sakar said...

Let them burn and have a taste of their own misery. Even though people tell me that victims of the LEftist alliance Do Not Exist.