Swords at Dawn

"As for me, I was in a place by myself; in a time by myself. I remember the water sparkling around our ankles as we fought. One part of my mind could not help admiring how so very picturesque it was. I remember my opponents eyes especially. They were yellow, like he was on drugs."

"Then I sensed, more than reasoned that I would die unless I ended this," he said. "So I stepped in and struck his arm. I didn't even feel the hit on my knee."
An actual knife fight, as metaphor for the current political feud. Wretchard, of course.


Eric Blair said...

War of bureacracies. Not going to end well.

Ymar Sakar said...

Humans who build towers to heaven, usually doesn't end well when the Pillars of the deep underground crustal sea breaks open. Although that wasn't supposed to happen again, instead Fire is the next line up.