Not your circus, not your monkeys

Or as Ace says, don't buy tickets on the crazy train.  He likens the psychic dislocations of 9/11 to those of 11/9.


Ymar Sakar said...

Humans are closer to monkeys than monkeys are to humans.

Ymar Sakar said...

This is their hysteria, they are trying to spread it because crazy people resent the sane and want everyone to share their delusions, to validate those delusions.

Which is why when people called me crazy here, I made sure to put that lawyer dig in as a reserve, that I wasn't here to convince Grim or anyone else of what I believe.

The Left would slap them hard enough in the head, soon enough, to do the convincing, if what I described of the Leftist alliance is true. Reality will force people to bow to it. I didn't need to lift a finger.

It took some years after 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2013, but humans are mortal and frail. They collapse to reality sooner or later. Why? Because reality and truth hurts. It is not easy to ignore, even for the ultra intelligent and extreme deviations.

Please do not give in to it. Do not let their sickness become your sickness.

To late for most of the younger generations in the Alt Right. They are Fubared for the most part. Using Alinsky and Lucifer's tactics worked out quite well for them, until they get slapped upside their head once they realize what it really means.

Lucifer and the Watchers gave technology away for a reason, and it wasn't because technology was a threat to them.

Quarantine your mind from the infected. I don't mean insulate yourself from news -- I mean insulate yourself from the welter of crazy paranoiac emotions flowing from these sad nutters.

It's like Ace figured out what I was doing in 2008, and only waited until now to expose it.

Crazy people do not like being told they're crazy -- they do not like being told that they are not Napoleon Bonaparte.

Whereas Crazy Ymar loves mentioning that aspect of what people like to say, since I take it as my title, and proud of it too. Humanity is normal, thus I have to be the crazy one if I reject the world and its persecution complex.

Milo loves people who over react to him too. The crazy label is another one of those "I have no idea what you are talking and no facts to refute you".

precisely because there is literally nothing more gratifying and sacred to a broken mind than finding another mind that believes in and validates all the same delusions.

The ancient Jews also thought Jesus, the Apostles, and disciples were crazy. It's just how humans are. Abnormal stuff isn't normal.

Ymar Sakar said...

precisely because there is literally nothing more gratifying and sacred to a broken mind than finding another mind that believes in and validates all the same delusions.

I absolutely detested it when people jumped on the new band wagon and started talking about us civil war and all the other stuff they called crazy just 4 years ago.

It is an example of human idiocy, weakness, frailty, and the desire to be popular, allied to the World, and Jumping on the Bandwagon because everybody else says so.

They are weak. Their wills almost non existent. Their freedom, the freedom to become slaves to the Strong and Powerful, the wise and Elect Born to Rule are their self chosen masters.

But for me, it is not so. For me to reclaim the "Crazy title", I can't be like the Normals around here and elsewhere online, talking about the same old same old, now that it has become popular. I got to find something else that is Truth, beyond mortal comprehension, that nobody else has found it useful to proclaim as their new American ideal and status quo.

Since hatred of the Leftist alliance is now "popular", I then move unto newer pastures. There is literally nothing more annoying to me than finding people who agree with me, other than those who disagree with me while offering nothing of worth in their rebuttal. Evil can be beheaded temporarily, but those others are harder to get rid of.