Georgia Legislature Update

Religious freedom is dead this year, having been referred to languish until it was too late to act upon. Last year it passed and was vetoed by Governor Deal. Support for religious freedom is even weaker in the legislature this year, while corporate opponents of religious freedom have proliferated.

SB 49, the 'redefine what a knife is' bill, also appears not to have managed to "cross over" to the House by the required deadline. It will not become law.

However, three gun related bills did cross over, and are still in the running. This includes this year's version of Campus Carry, HB 280. You will remember that Governor Deal, who is still the governor, vetoed that bill last year as well. However, Rep. Powell of Hartwell, Georgia, says he believes this year's version addresses the governor's concerns. We'll see, maybe.


Ymar Sakar said...

Freedom has been dead in the US for some time. Standard of living is still good and perhaps climbing for the Elite/Elect, but even livestock are treated well because they are valuable. Does not make them free.

There are 3 types of freedom people fight for. The liberty to do whatever they please.

Or the freedom to do what they should under a divine system.

Or the freedom Lucifer and the imprisoned Watchers need to be liberated from Sheol/Underworld/The Void Between the Underwater Sea and the Granite crust.

These small shifts in Georgia are merely side quakes from the epicenter. Perhaps another quake will break the pillars of the deep open again, even without fracking.

Ymar Sakar said...

It is strategically beneficial to the Left that gun laws are more open, since their side will need training and arming up, just like Hussein armed AQ in Syria and Benghazi.

I am not quite supportive of the previous Democrat policy of outlawing guns for freed blacks and other races of that ilk, to make it easier to intimidate and lynch them when they vote non Demoncrat, but I can see the benefits of outlawing guns for that group.

Even if it doesn't reduce the number of school shootings from crazy Democrat boys that people are enamored of to popularize like the Palis popularize their mass killers, it is at least fair that people who support outlawing of guns should live in a city that doesn't let them have guns. Without impinging upon the freedom of other people to Obey a different, in a different sub section of the city/state.

Herd everybody into their respective camps, then watch what happens as humans hate and kill each other. That could also be part of the plan.