Down the Rabbit Hole

A secret Knights Templar cavern, discovered in just that way.


Tom said...

Man. Why can't I discover something like this in my backyard? I mean, besides the fact that the Knights Templar were unaware of the continent my backyard happens to be located in.

Ymar Sakar said...

A member of Free Masonry, once recommended Born in Blood to me for the ties between Free Masonry and the Knights Templar order.

The theories proposed sounded quite thorough and accurate.

The Grandmaster's scourging and destruction by the Dominicans and Inquisition were reminiscent of other Catholic crimes against Christ, when other Christians were persecuted for heresy and sold to Islamic sex slavery as a result. Their destruction is not noteworthy, since human factions always end up eating the competition, especially in revolutions. What was noteworthy was the systemic motivation that allowed humans to rise above their mortal frailties. That was unexpected.

Humans are too weak to resist the Inquisition's methods, that is why they developed them. Yet some managed to resist, as if they were beholden to a high law and power.