Trump "Forcefully" Rejects Antisemitism, Racism

This shouldn't be news, given that his grandkids and his beloved daughter are Jewish, as is the son in law whom he obviously respects and trusts. Still, it clearly is news, so there it is.


Gringo said...

It is news only to the Trump haters- news which they will ignore.
Liza, are you still reading here?

Ymar Sakar said...

Anti semitism is a rather political category, since the Jewish organizations use it to shame people that are against them, even though the Nazis originated it for similar purposes.

The Arabs and Kurds are often amazed at being called anti semitic. Since to them, their ethnicity is a Semitic ancestry, as valid as Israel or the sons of Jacob are.

Arabs/Islam from Ishmael. Africans from Ham.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

A decade and two decades ago a lot of arguing was done in conservative circles about whether liberalism had replaced Judaism as the religion of secular Jews. (Aside: There's a lot to that, but it's best not to oversimplify just now.) For the current point, it was interesting how many Jews, left and right, identified powerful emotions and group loyalties as motivators. Honest of them, I thought, and perceptive to see in themselves what is true of most people but unacknowledged.

I have to wonder if these reactions continue to be visceral rather than thoughtful, and the perception of Trump as "not our kind," as pro-Israel evangelicals are "not their kind," is the actual foundation for the rejection, and the rest only post-hoc rationalisation. This, ven though the kind in question is no longer Judaism, but liberalism-with-bagels. (Really good bagels, the kind you can only get in New York...)

douglas said...

AVI, it's not just Secular Jews who have joined the Evangelical Church of Leftist Liberalism, it's plenty of former Christians too. I was listening to a woman at a meeting at my daughters school rant about some lefty talking point, and it struck me that she's just 'the Church Lady' in hipster clothes and with more harshness and bitterness.