Opening Up the White House Press Briefings to Local News Reporters

Saw this on Ricochet. A recent White House press briefing was set up for Skype and four local newsfolk* who were not in DC were able to ask questions.

This was great. First, it further breaks the monopoly of the national media on the president. Second, it allowed the news people to ask questions about how national policy might influence their local situations. Third, it brought in points of view not often seen in the national media, such as a pro-coal publisher who framed his question in terms of the damage being done to the Kentucky economy by anti-coal regulations.

Wiley at Ricochet has videos set up so you can watch while the questions are asked and answered.


*Technically, one was the publisher of a local paper, not a reporter.


E Hines said...

Yeah, and the establishment press threw a hissy fit when on each of the first three of Spicer's daily noon-ish White House press briefings, he didn't give the first question Their Eminence (or is the Right Reverand?) AP reporter sitting down front. He went to the back or the middle of the room for "lesser" reporters before getting around to the establishment NLMSM.

It's also refreshing to see the White House Press Representative, in these briefings and in front of the public, call out the pseudo-journalists (my term) on their error-riddled and at times outright dishonest reporting. And he doesn't brook quibbling followups, either.

Eric Hines

jaed said...

Makes me sorry, in my evil way, that Helen Thomas didn't live to see this. Heh, heh, heh.

Ymar Sakar said...

Sounds like some pretty cool stuff from Silicon Valley Democrats that now back Trum as the Alternative Right.

Breitbart also brought in a couple of atheist Jews or former Democrats for his media big punch as well, before he died of a "heart attack" at least.