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Should high school wrestlers be allowed to use steroids and still compete? Obviously not... unless!
Beggs has been transitioning from female to male since 2015 and as a result has been on steroids during that period, however, University Interscholastic League rules state he must compete as the gender listed on his birth certificate, despite the fact that Beggs wants to compete against males.
I suppose we could just put an end to the division and let everyone wrestle each other by weight class, without regard to sex or "gender." That still doesn't solve the problem of whether or not steroids should be permitted in competition, though.

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Ymar Sakar said...

Put an end to weight divisions. Have the Christians pray for another David vs Goliath scenario to finally iron out whose martial arts is king and master.

It would finally force the Army to look at their own incompetent H2H training and anti crime power point policies.