An Arthurian Kickstarter Project

From the Kickstarter page:

Le Morte d'Arthur & The Arthurian Concordance

With great pleasure we offer this project to fund the beginning of an “Arthurian Library”. Three amazing books are a part of this single project.

There’s a new edition of the classic text that’s the most important source of the legend as we know it today. We also offer the first volume of an illustrated graphic novelization of Le Morte d’Arthur. Finally, we offer The Arthurian Concordance, an encyclopedia overflowing with lore.


The new text edition of Le Morte d’Arthur is edited by renowned Arthurian scholar John Matthews. The author of dozens of Arthurian books, John brings a lifetime of knowledge and insight to this edition of the classic by Sir Thomas Malory.

The deluxe hardcover book features reinforced binding and an interesting 8x8 inch format to feature the stunning cover art by Natee Puttapipat. The book will be an awesome 750+ pages and full-color throughout.

The interior design features an outside margin for notes to annotate the classic Malory text. This text is provided by John Matthews as well as Arthurian scholar and storyteller Greg Stafford, the renowned game designer of King Arthur Pendragon, a bestselling and award-winning tabletop roleplaying game considered among the most influential.
Photos at the link. I like those wide margins.


Grim said...

That really looks like a beautiful piece of work. If you're interested in a non-transliterated version, the Norton Critical Edition of Le Morte Darthur preserves the original Middle English. It's a little tricky at first, but you'll get the hang of it quickly.

Plus, it'll help you read the alternative spelling by your students who are coming out of today's public schools.

Tom said...

Thanks for the recommendation! And it's at a very reasonable price.

Eric Blair said...

I just picked up Simon Armitage's new verse translation of "The Death of King Arthur". (facing page with Malory's original).

But obviously from the over subscription, there is a want for it.