3 EPA principles I can live with

Despite being an avid environmentalist, I've come to despise the EPA in recent years.  Scott Pruitt's introductory speech included three points I admire:
“Regulations ought to make things regular,” Pruitt said. He added, “Regulators exist to give certainty to those that they regulate. Those that we regulate ought to know what’s expected of them so that they can plan and allocate resources to comply.”
Pruitt then turned to the rule of law saying, “As we do rule making…it needs to be tethered to the statute. The only authority that any agency has in the executive branch is the authority given to it by Congress.” He went on to say that sticking closely to the law would help avoid uncertainly and litigation.
Finally, Pruitt said, “Federalism matters.” “I seek to ensure that we engender the trust of those at the state level,” he continued. “That those at the state level see us as partners, in this very important mission we have as an agency, and not adversaries,” he said.


Ymar Sakar said...


It's always nice to see the powers that rule this world be humbled every once in awhile.

E Hines said...

Regulations ought to make things regular

One small tweak: but not everything we do needs to be regular and so does not need to be regulated. Still, it was a good opening.

Eric Hines

Cassandra said...

One of the major advantages of good regulations is that they allow ordinary people to predict when and how the state will respond to their plans. Or as Hayek put it, it's not so much that everything needs to be regulated, but that (by means of regulation) the State acknowledges - openly, and in advance - that there are limits to its own power.