Stop Having Unacceptable Fantasies!

Those modest and moderate souls at PeTA have come up with another winner: ban fur in a fantasy game, in which of course all of the fur is make-believe anyway.

Not that I'm too surprised to discover such an interest in regulating fantasy. Not after Tex's post about "expectant mothers," I'm not. It's pretty clear that they intend for us to live full-time in fantasy worlds, so naturally it is important that they be in charge of regulating such things.


E Hines said...

Well, the fantasy world I inhabit is full of my buds, and we're all People Eating Tasty Animals.

Cooked properly rare.

Eric Hines

MikeD said...

As someone familiar with this game and the setting, their complaint is even more laughable than you might imagine. In the setting, the Imperium of Man spans most of the Milky Way galaxy, is ruled over by a semi-immortal "God Emperor" who has spent the past 10 millennia in a vegetative state, sustained by the souls of 10,000 psykers who he consumes in order to stay alive. But this also allows him to act as a beacon so that the ships of the Imperium can guide their way safely through Warpspace which is itself a semi-sentient hellscape where daemons dwell waiting to feed on the emotions of all living things, and occasionally break free into the material universe to wreak even more havoc.

Meanwhile untold trillions of humans live lives of fearful superstitious squalor toiling away in vast hiveworlds to churn out munitions for the Armies of Man to fight the hated (and hateful) alien Xenos races that oppose mankind's domination of the galaxy, and those are the lucky ones. Other humans live in feral deathworlds where the fauna (and often the flora) are inimical to human life, and where survival itself is a daily struggle. And, I'll point out... all this going on in the Imperium, and they're the closest to the "good guys" that exist in the setting.

So to worry about "wearing fur" in such a setting is beyond silly. Hell, there are miniatures in this game that wear human skins (they're undead alien robots, and no... I won't bother explaining how THAT works), but PETA is clearly ok with wearing human skins, since they don't mention that.

MikeD said...

Sorry... one correction:

"sustained by the souls of 10,000 psykers who he consumes [daily] in order to stay alive"

Ymar Sakar said...

GamerGate and pop culture resistance, is a big reason why the Alt Right coalesced behind VoxDay and various other figure heads.

Eric Blair said...

Ko'vash Tau'va, Gue'la.

The only constant in the universe is change. The wise adapt.

MikeD said...

Space gazelles. Pfft. And no, I don't want your fancy hat.