Rednecks: A Brief History

The legendary Joe Bob Briggs writes the kind of piece that you can only get away with when you are a self-identified member of the group, who also loves the group you're criticizing.

The history is a little off in places, but just go with it: he's rolling, and he doesn't mean it to be taken completely seriously. Just mostly seriously.


Texan99 said...

Well, that was a pleasure. And me an Episcopalian just this side of an out-and-out papist, but culturally I'm a Cumberland Presbyterian. Actually I have minor Cumberland Presbyterian leanings, while so preferring a quiet, comfortable life that I almost always stay strictly out of trouble.

raven said...

Just bear in mind damned near every moonshiners rifle came from a yankee factory....there was time when New York, Massachusetts and Connecticut armed the nation. :)