Pondering the End of Christmas, and the Beginning of the Long Winter

The Twelve Days are already over, though by happenstance the Feast of the Epiphany waits for Sunday. We are getting our first real taste of the hard winter tomorrow, with snow expected early and then a plunge in temperatures compared to what is ordinary for Georgia.

Enjoy this reflection on an earlier Christmas, as seen from the Orkney Islands off northernmost Scotland. They make a decent beer up there, Skull Splitter Ale, named for a worthy Viking who appears in the saga that bears the islands' name. He also features in the Heimskringla.


Assistant Village Idiot said...

The Orkneys are one of my want-to's. Lots of archaeology up there. A good children's book on the prehistory is The Boy With The Bronze Axe,set at Skara Brae.

Grim said...

Skara Brae is among the places I would also love to visit.