DNC Refused FBI Access to Servers

Here's yet another reason not to feel very bad about the DNC losing its shirt to hackers -- not only did they hang up on the FBI when it called to warn them, it turns out they refused to let the FBI look at their servers when directly asked to do so.
The FBI “repeatedly stressed” the importance of accessing the hacked email server of the Democratic National Committee. But one senior law enforcement official now tells TheBlaze that DNC officials rejected its requests.

The news comes just hours after it was reported the FBI never examined the DNC server, which the bureau and multiple other U.S. intelligence agencies say was hacked by the Russian government...
Clearly, they wanted their secrets kept from law enforcement more than they wanted protection from law enforcement. That's OK. You're entitled to want that, as an American protected by the 4th Amendment.

Just, there's no whining when they tried to help you out and you told them to go take a hike.


Texan99 said...

Here's how I look at it, though maybe it's only an excuse for refusing to feel outrage when it's the D party's ox that was gored.

The Russians tried to meddle in our election, with no evident effect. I resent that without being even a little surprised; they're our enemy, that's how they act. We should fight back in some appropriate way, the same way we fight back against all of our enemies' espionage and sabotage. We should work on making our election process robust so it's hard to meddle in.

The exact way the Russians meddled in our election was to expose authentic information about how the DNC meddled in our election, with perhaps some evident effect. I resent that, am only a little more surprised by it, and am less inclined to give them the "well, enemies will be enemies" pass. Not that I want to order nuclear strikes on them, but they deserve to have the exposed scandal rubbed in their faces vigorously every single time they bring up the Russian "hacking."

That's my answer every time (several times a day) someone purses his lips and says, "WELL. I really thought conservatives would be patriotic enough object to someone meddling in our sacred election institutions, but I guess I was wrong." My answer is that debates are sacred election institutions, too, and as long as you're sweeping that under the rug, I don't have to listen to your "Well I never" schtick.

Yesterday someone again leaked classified intelligence documents. Does anyone care? No? And I'm supposed to hide under my pillow because Podesta doesn't know better than to click on a phish?

Grim said...

The thing is, we already did retaliate in an appropriate way. Or, rather, this was their retaliation for Hillary Clinton having done the same thing during Putin's last election. I see no reason to suppose he intended more than payback, plus a reminder that meddling in Russian political affairs had consequences.

Should we retaliate for their retaliation? Given that they and we both have cause to be satisfied with the outcome, maybe we can let it go.