Anonymous said...

I feel what I hope is a heavy dose of cheerful sarcasm by the Hall, but I must say the Hipsterism is strong with this parody.

My question is, why is 2016 the demonized year? A dead gorilla and exploding phones signal the globalist apocalypse of Trump and Brexit? First world problems much?

Apparently this generation will disregard 9/11 and GWOT, the infringement of civil rights and privacy, the Great Recession, the rise of autonomous terrorist states, civil unrest, government corruption, the institutionalized politicization of media, and the fracturing of communities throughout the middle east and across the across the world, (Syria, Libya, Yemen, Ukraine...), all of which took place prior to 2016...

...but your cherished celebrities reach the ages when even healthy people begin to die naturally, and the devil is suddenly at the door. I realize people are waking up to the fact that it's not the '90s anymore, but it took us 15+ years of apathy and denial to get here.

Ut sementem feceris, ita metes, amici.

Anonymous said...

Tex99, you are wicked and funny!

Texan99 said...

I can't remember another year that got this kind of treatment. It reminds me of Michael Keaton in Beetlejuice: "I've SEEN the Exorcist 168 times and it KEEPS getting funnier EVERY SINGLE TIME." For months I avoided my news feed, but now it's the highlight of my morning.

"Great Britain left Europe." "But WHY?" "No one knows. They just did." It must be mystifying for them to be alive in these times. I imagine the hurt, puzzled expressions, much like mine on viewing a new piece of taxpayer-funded performance art.

Now I'm going to go re-read the article my husband sent me about the family that ended up in the hospital after trying to put a sweater on their pitbull, "Scarface." Actually, to tell the truth, that story makes me sad for the pitbull, who won't come out of this well. OK, then, I'm bound to find a Facebook post explaining, more in sorrow than in anger, how I'm a misogynist. My consciousness is so false these days. I think I need to attend an ashram or get a high colonic or something.