A Deadly Few Weeks

We are entering into a dangerous passage, a period of great uncertainty that will last several weeks. You're doubtless aware of the transitional period between administrations with very different world views, which is one problem. But another problem is that, for the first time since World War II, we will have no carriers deployed at sea anywhere in the world.

As former President Bill Clinton said, one of the first questions that comes up in a crisis, from a tsunami to an invasion, is "Where is the nearest carrier?" The answer for a little while is going to be: "There isn't one."


raven said...

An interesting article by Jim Lehman


Eric Blair said...

I have a friend who was in the Navy at the time of the tailhook scandal, and was warned by his sqdn leader before it all blew up to "To not go to that thing".

Obviously there were different attitudes about even back then.

Texan99 said...

I think they have all the carriers deployed around John Podesta's email account.