What happens next

At David Foster's place, Lexington Green argues that Trump's campaign positions have been no more vacuous than most, and less so than many.  He believes Trump's critics, especially a Prof. Lipson, are unaccountably ignoring the President-Elect's fairly well fleshed-out position papers.
If Prof. Lipson wants to look like a genius-prophet to his readers, he should do what too few people have done: Read Trump’s papers and predict that bills will be introduced to do X, Y and Z. Astonished readers will say, “Professor Lipson, how did you know?” He can claim his methods are proprietary.


E Hines said...

Bubbles aren't as fragile as they seem: they're virtually impenetrable from the inside. It's scary outside the SnugglySphere(c), and that creates a powerful inward-flowing force.

Eric Hines

jaed said...

It's become a shibboleth* among pundits and commentators to say that Trump "has no policies" or "isn't offering any plans".

*Rare, correct use of the term "shibboleth".