From an Ace commenter:
I've been all anti politics at Thanksgiving because c'mon people can't we at least pretend for one day that there are more important things.
However. Someone reminded me that if you bring up politics and drive people off, more pie for you!
So my position is now this: Stake out the high ground next to the pie and then GAME ON!


Grim said...

Sadly, we'll be having a very small Thanksgiving this year. Should be no political talk because nobody outside the nuclear family will be present (and we all have already worked out what we each think, and how to live with each other in the few areas absent consensus).

Texan99 said...

One commenter suggested that a good way to spur a spirited discussion was to say, "I hear Trump plans to print one-dollar bills with Obama's picture on them, but the bills will be worth only 3/5 of an ordinary dollar."

james said...

We'll be having some international students joining us this year, as usual. Nobody cares much about US politics, but we try to leave international politics at the door :-) I think MFIS tries to keep from sending (e.g.) Indian and Pakistani students to the same family.