More guides for Thanksgiving harmony

We won't have any use for these; our gathering today won't have much ideological diversity.
Agree that America has a terrible gun crisis – many Americans simply cannot afford to purchase the multiple firearms each citizen should own. Inform him that his opposition to your plan for “gun vouchers” to allow all Americans to take part in the defense of themselves, their families, communities and the Constitution, is “super racist” and that you support “caliber diversity.”
Last night we had neighbors over, and everyone stayed strictly away from politics. It was a lovely dinner. Today we make a roundtrip roadtrip to the Houston vicinity visit my mother-in-law.


Grim said...

Sounds pleasant.

We're not going anywhere today, and I don't expect any visitors. In fact, I locked the gates to the road and turned the horses loose on the driveway so they could eat the grass there. Kind of a Thanksgiving feast for them.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Among my many liberal coworkers I have taken to noting that guns are indeed shockingly easy to purchase - and yet, amazingly, the homicide rate remains low here in NH.

Re Houston: My son is going to be leaving the staff of his church in The Woodlands and switching to a downtown Houston congregation, should you ever be worshiping in the area and decide you can endure Methodists.

Texan99 said...

I think I can probably get along fine with Methodists! What I rarely subject myself to is Houston. Normally we're blowing through on our way to Baytown and making a short day-trip of it. Houston is about three hours from here.