Terminal Lance on General Mattis

The comic -- by a now-former Marine Corps infantry Lance Corporal -- mostly treats the various indignities and hardships of a life that wasn't quite what the recruiter promised. Usually anything "moto" (i.e., overly motivational) is mocked viciously. Life in the Corps is about standing in the mud and the rain, punishing deployments, being screwed over by your chain of command, and so on.

But there is a heartfelt exception for General Matts.


Anonymous said...

President Lincoln found out that there is no substitute for a winning General. I hope that President Trump does not have to re-learn it, but at least he sounds prepared for the eventuality.


Anonymous said...

I was over at Peter's hall and he had a posting on General Mattis with a link to a Christmas story about Mattis....
...you may like reading it..



Grim said...

I know the story. :)

Grim said...

I was at CENTCOM when Mattis was the commander there. He's really something else.