Go, California!

...and take Seattle with you.


raven said...

If California will take Seattle I won't stand in the way. If they lost the majority rule tyranny position they hold over the rest of the state.

Elise said...

I really like the "9 Simple Points" on the "Yes California" website. Some of them I like because they actually make sense to me; some of them I like because they make me laugh; and some of them because it's interesting that this group sees many of the same things I do but upside down, so to speak. If California did leave, it would be interesting to see if independence actually lets them do all the wonderful stuff they claim it will.

The article Grim linked to mentions that "Yes California" is short on funding. I'm very tempted to make a donation but although I have to admit a certain glee at the idea of California leaving, breaking up the Union is a really big deal and not something I want to support without being really clear about my motives and about the whole "start down this road and we don't know where we'll end up" aspect of the whole thing. (And can we keep San Diego? We kind of need a Pacific-side naval presence.)