A Biker Post

Dallas also has some choice biker stuff going on. I talked with the owner of this fine bike, which is a tribute to a not-so-classic 1991 movie.

The owner of that bike also owns a very nice shop dealing chiefly in custom Harleys.  It's as good a motorcycle shop as I've ever strayed into.

After that the wife and I went out to what turned out to be a famous Biker bar.

"Strokers Dallas" is the home of one Rick Fairless, a custom choppers guy who's been doing this since "biker" and "hippie" weren't diametrical opposites.  He hosts a thousand bikers every decent Sunday at his combination custom bike shop, tattoo parlor, and roadhouse.

We happened by at a quiet hour.

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Joel Leggett said...

Now THAT is my kind of vacation. Thanks for sharing the pics. Very cool.