The Personal is Political. So Are Team Sports

No more enjoying yourselves without ritual cleansing. Everyone must acknowledge the sins of their nation before the kickoff, and states that have bad politics must not be allowed to host sporting events.

We'll all be much happier when every single space in our lives is brought under the control of the political. Won't we?


Anonymous said...


I'm from Cincinnati.

We the over-taxed taxpayers payers of Hamilton County Ohio are forced to pay for two stadiums for two for profit, private business owners and to their for profit athletes.

A potion of our sales tax goes to pay for these prima donnas's stadiums. The Bengals and the Reds just had to attach themselves to the public tit, and the stupid tax payers voted for the levy.

They tore down a stadium that was not even payed for to build new stadiums for each sport. It has been decades now since I have gone to a game and I make major purchases outside of Hamilton county as I resent having to pay for a tax that benefits these bozos.

You see, in the end, every dollar you spend is a vote for the kind of world you want to live in. Every purchase matters. If you don't like a companies politics, vote em off the island and take your money elsewhere. Keep lists, and have a long memory.

I personally hope the SJW ruin their bottom lines. They deserve the fruits that go along with attaching themselves to the public tit. No sympathy here.


Grim said...

Stadiums are often public boondoggles. I remember my father in law complaining almost constantly about similar productions in Indianapolis, the nearest city to him.

douglas said...

Hockey. It's my sporting refuge. Staples Center here in Los Angeles was built without public funding (yes, I'm sure there are tax breaks). John Tortorella, had coach of Team USA at the World Cup of Hockey made it clear that if you don't stand for the anthem, you can sit for the whole game. He's got a son in Special Forces in Afghanistan now, so he's crystal clear on what it means. Jonathan Quick, Los Angeles Kings and team USA goalie had a mask with the 'de Opresso Liber' logo painted on it for the tournament. Hockey is old fashioned, and I like it.

Ymar Sakar said...

It's their religion now, not their politics. Of course they are going to look deep on that one.