HMS Terror

Now, there's a name that indicates a Navy that knew what a navy was all about. One of you anonymously mentioned that we should look at this story about the apparent discovery of the Terror, which was found in pristine condition. It can be explored by drones -- video at the link.
“We have successfully entered the mess hall, worked our way into a few cabins and found the food storage room with plates and one can on the shelves,” Adrian Schimnowski, the foundation’s operations director, told the Guardian by email from the research vessel Martin Bergmann.

“We spotted two wine bottles, tables and empty shelving. Found a desk with open drawers with something in the back corner of the drawer.”

The well-preserved wreck matches the Terror in several key aspects, but it lies 60 miles (96km) south of where experts have long believed the ship was crushed by ice, and the discovery may force historians to rewrite a chapter in the history of exploration.


Gringo said...

While reading this, the melody of a tune which I associated with the Franklin expedition rang through my head.Just a phrase or two, however.I checked with YouTube.Lord Franklin: Pentangle version. Check.

Gringo said...

While I recognized the tune, not all the lyrics were as I remembered them. I recall "A thousand miles at a drop of a hat
I'd give it all gladly if my life could be that."

Turns out that what I remembered in part the lyrics to Bob Dylan's Dream, which apparently APPROPRIATED the melody of Lord Franklin. But the first line was actually "Ten thousand dollars at the drop of a hat."

Interesting find, and interesting name for a ship. Doubt it could be so named today.

Grim said...

Yeah, you wouldn't want to scare people with the name of your warship. That would be insensitive. :)

jaed said...

I have had Iain Banks's Culture books on my mental to-read list for a while, simply on the basis of the fact that they name their warships things like No More Mister Nice Guy.