Distinctions Lost

An important one here: is the desired end result to also boycott Israel, or to stop boycotting North Carolina?
Could someone explain why it’s noble, enlightened, justifiable, and progressive to boycott an American state, but hateful, bigoted, retrograde, and evil to support a boycott of a foreign country that has been imposing a brutal, discriminatory, and illegal occupation for many decades, a boycott that is led by people with virtually no political rights?
Oh, ok. I see where you're going with this now.


Anonymous said...

Hillary Clinton: Boycotting North Carolina Is Noble and Just;
Boycotting Israel Is Bigoted and Hateful "Deplorable"

As a proud "deplorable", I think she has it bass ackward

Israel should pay 21% of our National defence for as long as we have been paying theirs!
Why? Well we have a 20 trillion dollar National debt & they need to help us pay it off since they are benefited so many years from us paying there defence.


........Given that U.S. military aid to Israel was $2.775 billion in 2010, $3 billion in 2011, $3.07 billion in 2012 (and $3.15 billion per year from 2013-2018) while Israel's defense budget is around $15 billion, it made us wonder how much Israeli taxpayers contribute and where the other $12 billion non-U.S. aid comes from.

We emailed Shmuel Even an expert of Israel's defense at the Institute for National Security Studies in Tel Aviv, who told us that Israel's up-to-date defense budget for 2012 is $15 billion, with 70 percent contributed by Israeli taxpayers, 21 percent coming from U.S. aid and 9 percent coming from Defense Ministry income.............


Grim said...

I can't decide if the weirdest thing about that program is:

(A) the fact that we also provide Egypt with loans and grants to buy things like tanks, even though they're one of the most likely armies Israel would have to defend itself against, or,

(B) the fact that both Egypt and Israel are allowed to collect interest on the money we're going to give them, before it is disbursed by Congress every year, as long as they spend that money on yet more weapons from us.

In either case, it's pretty clear that the main beneficiary of the program is neither Israel nor Egypt but American arms manufacturers.

Anonymous said...

We simply need to live within our means.... and we are not.

When we are told that we will only receive 73 % of what we put in to soc sec , my blood boils.

It is theft.

Give me back money, I can invest it myself and do much better on my own.

The Federal Govt can't do much right.

Grim said...

Well, I may be a few years younger, but I'm not expecting to receive any of what I put into soc sec. I assume it's theft pure and simple.

raven said...

I will give up all my SS benefits in return for one A-10 and a full load of fuel and ordinance. They are just going to rot at Davis-Monthan anyway, right? OK, OK. It was a lot to ask.

So how about an OV-10 Bronco?...

Grim said...

I mean, I'd sign mine over for a Shovelhead in good condition.

raven said...

Come on, up the ante a little- how about a Vincent or a Brough?

Grim said...

Considering the expected value of my social security, I thought I was pushing it with the Shovelhead.

Anonymous said...

and look what I just found,a link to a massive redistribution of us wealth to Israel .......Pork a plenty!!!
forget the 20 trillion debt,,,,,,,, spend! spend! spend! spend!

U.S., Israel sign massive military assistance package: $38 billion, 10 years


Grim said...

I expect that Obama doesn't think we'll have to pony up on a deal that starts in 2019 and runs for ten years. Iran will have its nukes well before then, according to his deal with them, and after that Israel won't need any more money from us.