Trump vs. Chavez

As Venezuela enters its end-game, the news reports seem strangely unable to diagnose its problem.  Could it be, for instance, that the country's destruction resulted from electing leaders with the wrong personality?  That didn't help, I'm sure, but as this author points out,
Look, I’m as scared of a Trump presidency as any reasonably sane center-right pro-democracy millennial. But Trump is not surrounded by a loony team of Marxist advisors hellbent on destroying the economy for the sake of denying that there is such a thing as a market.
In the meantime, I'm still not sure what the final cataclysm will look like, but Venezuelans already are beginning to eat their cats, dogs, pigeons, and zoo animals--those that haven't starved first.

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Ymar Sakar said...

Nations and people who have forsaken the protection of the divine, won't need to fear Marxists. Since half of the country will destroy the other country, under Satan's rule.

Not even a Hero King or Trum can do anything about that, using secular power. Since once the heart of the people are corrupted, there is no going back. Creating a civilization based on harmony and prosperity, is a lot harder than crashing one to zero.

Trum can resurrect and revive the greatest heroes, eiyuus, and saints of the human species, yet he will still fail, because the power of humanity is incapable of saving human souls once corrupted.