The Clinton campaign responded with a statement, with campaign manager Robby Mook saying: “This is simple — what Trump is saying is dangerous. A person seeking to be President of the United States should not suggest violence in any way.”
First of all, that's nonsense as phrased: Clinton herself has been 'suggesting violence' in terms of talking about what she would do with regard to Syria and terrorism. The government is little but an instrument of violence, extracting taxes here and sending people to prison there, deploying a drone strike here and a Combined Joint Task Force there. Talking about how you'd apply the power of the state is most of what you do as a candidate for President. The only other topic Clinton ever discusses is whom she's going to reward with the wealth extracted from the disfavored. Everything else she talks about is suggesting violence at some level of abstraction -- that's what her calls for greatly increased taxes amount to, violence and nothing else.

What this Mook guy really meant to say is that no one running for President should ponder out loud that citizens might take up arms against the state.

It occurs to me that Thomas Jefferson ran for President.


Anonymous said...

I'm really warming up to the violence theme..
"Citizens taking up arms against the state." has a nice ring to it.

Lets not forget this Posting from Grim:

.........Embrace Violence – Two simple words, that when together, build the foundation for all that we know. A minute number of people ever stop to think about the circumstances that surround the very freedoms they spend the majority of their lives enjoying. Not the main stream core freedoms that our country was founded on, rather the diminutive pieces of thread that weave together to form the very fabric that holds our great nation together. Each day passing as the last, each day taken for granted with little to no thought about how fortunate they really are for having in their lives, those that embrace violence.

In our world there lives a relativity small group of guardians who not only stand ready to do violence on the behalf of others, but actually wait anxiously for the opportunity. Men that live outside the illusion of safety built upon walls of ignorance and denial that is our peaceful existence in this world. Men who would rather dance with the devil in the valley of the shadow of death than sit at a Starbucks, sipping a $10 dollar coffee while contemplating whether their skinny jeans are adequately squeezing all available testosterone into their systems in hope of fulfilling their latest desire of obtaining a beard.............

Embrace Violence.
Buy. More. Ammo.


Grim said...

That particular post was written by the boys at Havok Journal, but I'm happy to endorse the sentiment. You'll find plenty of things I did write along the same lines if you go back through the archives.

Or just click the flag to your right.

Eric Blair said...

I am still waiting to see some Trump supporters get violent. All I have seen so far is them getting beat up. Some 60 year old in a Trump t-shirt got beat with crowbar today in Bloomfield, NJ. (A place I would not have thought of that happening in)

Anonymous said...

Eric, Meet 78 year old John McGraw, a violent trump supporter.

John McGraw, who sucker-punched protester at N.C. Donald Trump rally, hints at more violence: ‘Next time, we might have to kill him!’

Grim said...

Yeah, there was that one guy. We talked about him at the time.

I wonder what ever happened to him? At 78, he might not even still be alive -- that was nearly six months ago. He shares the name with a famous baseball player, so a quick look on Google didn't help.