Al vs. Marcy

Trump proved that many of the party’s moderates and establishmentarians hate the thought of a True Conservative nominee even more than they fear handing the nomination to a proto-fascist grotesque with zero political experience and poor impulse control. That goes for the prominent politicians who refused to endorse Cruz, the prominent donors who sat on their hands once the field narrowed and all the moderate-Republican voters in blue states who turned out to be #NeverCruz first and #NeverTrump less so or even not at all.

Finally, Trump proved that many professional True Conservatives, many of the same people who flayed RINOs and demanded purity throughout the Obama era, were actually just playing a convenient part.
This is the Nathan Deal lesson. What I think Douthat gets wrong is the idea that voters didn't notice. Trump's appeal was that he really wasn't one of the party elite. He really is someone they can't control. His wild, outrageous statements serve as proof that he isn't under anybody's control. No handlers would have let him say the things he's said.

So the general election is set. If you're wanting a preview, here it is:


Eric Blair said...

Well, at least it will be entertaining.

But really, I don't like Glenn Greenwald's opinions, but to give the devil his due, This piece needs to be printed out and put up where it can be seen again and again:

All of these people have no idea what happened and probably no real ideas in the first place. How they get paid for being so wrong, *I* have no idea.

Grim said...

I'm not a big fan either, but you're right about what he's right about. Nobody knows anything.

I won't be at all surprised if he wins the whole thing. In fact, I think we should start laying plans for it, just as we do for the situation in which Clinton wins. Both cases are going to require much from good citizens if America is to survive in any form.

Ymar Sakar said...

Remains to be seen whether Trump is the controller or the one being controlled. Lots of people went to DC thinking they would clean house. They got incorporated into the slave house instead.