End of the World

With Ted Cruz gone, there is no happy ending to this race. The best hope now is Trump plus impeachment of Trump. Otherwise, catastrophe.


Eric Blair said...

Meh. We'll have to see yet. He could hardly be worse than what we got now. And I think he actually likes America, unlike the President, and unlike the two Democratic candidates.

Grim said...

You're assuming he has a chance. Which he does, if and only if he manages to finish the racialization of American politics that the Democrats began. I can't regard the consequences of that as a happy story.

MikeD said...

May I introduce you to Gary Johnson, perhaps?

Joel Leggett said...

I expect I'll be voting for Gary Johnson this year. He has the benefit of 1) not being criminally investigated by the FBI, and 2) not being a conspiracy theory spewing nutcase with an unstable temperament. I don't think I'm setting a high bar, but in light of America's current political landscape, who knows?

Grim said...

By November, Clinton won't be being investigated by the FBI. That'll sort itself our one way or the other.

I've almost always been disappointed in national politics. This year I'm disappointed in state and national politics. But this last 24 hours has been stunning. What on earth has the world come to when the American Family Association is sending men to women's bathrooms, the most conservative candidate for President is Hillary Clinton, and Republican governors shoot down religion and gun rights using veto powers?

Bad day at Black Rock.

Anonymous said...

I think its likely that Trump will be the target of violence (assassination). That could be the event that moves our "cold civil war" to a hot one. Either way, he is definitely going to shake things up in America.

At this point, I think we need some shaking up, and a lot of house cleaning.

For my part, I've always considered the president's primary job to be national security and foreign affairs. In that sense a Trump presidency doesn't scare me because I honestly believe he likes America. Sanders is just an idiot, and Clinton is a, hmmm, practitioner of the oldest profession in that regard. So yeah, I've got no problem voting for Trump in the general.

I reserve the right to change my mind should either Reagan's ghost appear at the convention, or Gen Mattis change his mind and seek the presidency.


Ymar Sakar said...

"I think its likely that Trump will be the target of violence (assassination)"

Hussein has corrupted and subverted many in the Secret Service due to purges and sexual bribes.

Now of all times, is when such a thing would be feasible. Would not have been if the Secret Service had maintained fidelity, honor, and loyalty to the country.

The great thing about strategy is that it started years ago, the first steps that lead to the conclusion. The conclusion is what people pay the most attention to.

Of course, if Trump gets wrecked, that'll be on his own stupidity for not forseeing this risk as well.