"A Dark Time in America"

Dennis Prager writes:
Every distinctive value on which America was founded is in jeopardy.

According to Pew Research, more and more young Americans do not believe in freedom of speech for what they deem “hate speech.” Forty percent of respondents ages 18 to 34 said they agreed that offensive statements could be outlawed.

According to a series of Harvard polls, 47 percent of Americans between 18 and 29 believe that food, shelter, and health care “are a right that government should provide to those unable to afford them.” That means that nearly half of our young believe they have a legitimate claim on the labor and earnings of others for life’s basic necessities. More than half of young Americans do not support capitalism — the source of the prosperity they enjoy and the only economic system that has ever lifted mass numbers of people out of poverty.

When young Americans see pictures of the Founders, they do not see the great men that most Americans have seen throughout American history. They see white males who were affluent (now derisively labeled “privileged”) and owned slaves.

The belief that certain fundamental rights are God-based — a view held by every American Founder and nearly all Americans throughout its history — is reviled outside of conservative religious circles and held by fewer and fewer Americans. The view that male and female are distinctive identities — one of the few unquestioned foundational views of every society in history — is being obliterated. One is deemed “a hater” just for saying that one believes that, all things being equal, a child does best starting out life with a married father and mother.

The ideas that America should be a “melting pot” or that all Americans should identify as American are now unutterable in educated company....

In addition, virtually every major institution is in decay or disarray.


raven said...

And that is why the USA is likely to end up in a new civil war.
The differences in belief are irreconcilable.

Eric Blair said...

Who is going to start shooting? I don't see anybody who is going to start shooting anyone of anything in that article.

Grim said...

You don't?

I think the shooting starts right after Hillary appoints her first SCOTUS justice, and they declare the 2nd Amendment unconstitutional. Day after tomorrow, more or less.

Eric Blair said...

Naah. I don't, not unless it's the police themselves that start shooting.

And it's kinda hard to declare a part of the consitution "unconstitutional". Even the most liberal justice on the court isn't going to say that.

Grim said...

What they're going to say is that the Constitution lives and evolves, and as we've become more sophisticated -- and less racist/white/brutal -- we've come to realize that guns aren't necessary. If you can say that the Constitution requires gay marriage, and the 10th Amendment is a nullity, then you can say any damn thing at all.

Eric Blair said...

Yes and no. It appears that people in the main, don't care that much about gay marriage--and the 10th amendment has been kicked around before.

The court has in the last decade actually done more to advance the idea of the 2nd amendment being an 'individual' right, and undoing that is not going to be as simple as you think, IMHO.

Ymar Sakar said...

The Left has to disarm the pops and roll them up, similar to a COIN operation in Fallujah 2.

However, they are likely to over extend their strategic envelope and attempt to disarm too many people, at the same time.

It would work better if individual police unions ordered individual city police to disarm the population. Leave the rural and metros alone. This will then start an Inkblot counter insurgency that may or may not work.

The problem with declaring things, is that people still have to enforce them.