A ticket we talked about back in March has become a reality today. Good, I suppose. Certainly the best thing left out there.


Christopher B said...

Like the deal with Kaisch, I fear this is too little too late. All of these 'head held high' exits have benefited Trump. Jeb should have shut down after Iowa (certainly New Hampshire, at least he didn't hang on til Florida) and probably Fiorina as well. It's probably too much to have asked Huckabee, Christie, and Carson to have simply gone quietly considering who they hitched their wagons to. Everybody knew Rubio was dead in the water after South Carolina.

Trump needed to be shut down in Iowa, and the current situation traces directly back to decisions to use him as the anti-Cruz missile, and even earlier pretending that he was a legitimate GOP candidate to protect Jeb from running against a third party candidate and a Clinton.

Grim said...

Well, Trump is a problem. But he's not the worst problem. He can be taken out later, if he can get through the general. If he can't, well, he has to go first.