You'll Get Some On You

Indiana U is hosting an interdisciplinary conference in Psychoanalysis and Analytic Philosophy. I can't think of anything worse for Analytic Philosophy, although frankly that faction of the field deserves what it courts.


Anonymous said...

.....Its for comment like this that I love this blog.......

Grim said...

It's going to be an amazing conference, full of all the things that Haidt warns are completely illegitimate:

"...psychoanalysis as ethics/the analyst as ethicist.... narcissism and gender, ideology in psychoanalytic theory, clinical sexual boundary violations and moral condemnation... and sadism and the boundaries of the self in Othello. We welcome participation from both philosophers and clinical psychoanalysts interested in pursuing this joint exploration."

"Registration is free."

And worth every penny.

I have half a mind to submit a paper arguing from Haidt, and then from examples of clear bias we've identified here, that ideological differences make accurate psychoanalysis impossible. However, I would thereby have to suggest that I thought accurate psychoanalysis was possible under other circumstances.