What Happens if Trump is Assassinated?

Via Althouse, Scott Adams predicts an (or another) attempt on Trump's life. It makes perfect sense, he says:
It would be easy to blame the protesters for taking things too far. But all they are doing is responding to hate speech from the next Hitler. Shouldn’t someone be fighting hard to stop Hitler? We can’t blame people for wanting fewer Hitlers....

Fast-forward to today and we see the media priming the public to try to kill Trump, or at least create some photogenic mayhem at a public event. Again, no one is sitting in a room plotting Trump’s death, but – let’s be honest – at least half of the media believes Trump is the next Hitler, and a Hitler assassination would be morally justified. Also great for ratings. The media would not be charged with any crime for triggering some nut to act. There would be no smoking gun. No guilt. No repercussions. Just better ratings and bonuses all around.

In the 2D world of reason, no one in the media consciously wants a candidate for president to be injured, and no one is consciously acting in a way that would make it happen. But in the 3D world of persuasion, society has decided to lance the wart that is Trump. Collectively – the media, the public, and the other candidates – are creating a situation that is deeply dangerous for Trump.
Adams cites a British author who did security for Farage, who describes the effects this will have on Trump's campaign.

I said that the Chicago disruption tactics would become standard against disfavored (i.e. conservative or Republican) candidates if they worked. I wonder if instead we'll just proceed directly to killing Republican candidates? They're not always as aggravating as Trump's rhetoric can make him, but they're always portrayed as deeply evil.

UPDATE: BLM says they are totally going to "shut down" the Republican Convention if they can. You can be sure that there will be plenty of police clashes with activists no matter who the frontrunner is, setting up the narrative for the fall. The Republican nominee will be portrayed as a deeply racist hater inheritor of Trumpist violence, by the very people engaged in trying to "shut down" opposing speech.

By the end of it all, America may decide it's ready for the "law and order" candidate. Right now, today, everybody is horrified by Trump. Three more months of this, and people may be wondering who is strong enough to put a stop to it.


Texan99 said...

The '68 Democratic convention didn't work out well.

Edith Hook said...

Like Texan, I have been thinking about 1968, except I was focused on "The Days of Rage" and parallels with the threat of violence from last weekend. My gut says that Hubert Humphrey paid the price, but it is hard to say so categorically because of George Wallace. In other words, "The Days of Rage" were counterproductive.
Did they do exit polls then, maybe we can tell from that.

Ymar Sakar said...

I wonder if instead we'll just proceed directly to killing Republican candidates?

Worked quite well for Southern KKK Democrats back in Reconstruction. Ironically, it ended up prolonging the suffer, starvation, and economic collapse. But hey, that was what blaming Northerners was good for.

It takes a lot of extreme circumstances to convince these American "conservatives" that action is needed. How much better than when the occupation unleashes Mao's doctrines and dictums.