The Expected Violence

Multiple camera angles caught a Trump supporter sucker-punching a black activist who was being removed from a rally following an attempt to disrupt that rally by protesting. The use of several cameras at different angles to capture his removal -- and the subsequent violence -- makes it difficult to claim the offense was faked or is being misunderstood.

Will Trump try to talk his people into not taking the bait? Does he actually have that much control over the passions he's riding toward the nomination? I am doubtful on both questions.


raven said...

The wind has been sown for a very long time....

This won't hurt Trump a bit- It would not surprise me if most of his supporters thought well of it. They are tired to exhaustion of the PC, multicultural, diversity, culturally correct national suicide going on.

People are fed up, and they are starting to not give a damn. Not give a damn about being called a racist, homophobe, misogynist, any of it.

That is an extremely dangerous situation. Take a population of smart, creative, hardworking folks, and drain away their prosperity, all the while inundating them with invective about how intolerant , racist, and greedy they are, despite the fact they have paid and paid for the very ones who castigate them, and eventually they are going to ask themselves what, exactly, they have to lose?

The left can't really see it, because they have been pushing against a (ironically) very tolerant bunch of people- people who will take an amazing amount of abuse before they push back.

Those days may be coming to an end.

Grim said...

The assailant turns out to be a 78 year old man! When near-octogenarians are leading the charge toward actual physical violence in our politics, I wonder if anyone can ride this tiger.

Ymar Sakar said...

When you are riding the tiger, you can't get off it, because then it'll eat you.

Populists like Trump may think money can manipulate the masses. That is, after all, true. But in the end, even Robespierre got the benefit of his own guillotine.

What made America exceptional was the Plato Republic elites in the Founding Fathers and the Divine protection of God or the Divine Mandate.

The US has neither of those right now, they are long lost. And whatever could replace them, were burned away with the power of the Left.