The Eleventh Republican Debate

Last night's debate must have been very gratifying for someone who prefers Python metaphors.

Eh, Mike?


MikeD said...

I'll be completely honest. I have not watched a single debate in months as I just don't have the stomach for it. All the candidates have flaws too great for me to resolve, and I will probably be voting for Gary Johnson (L) in the next election. Never fear, in SC that just means that the Republican candidate (regardless of who that is) still wins.

But back on topic, I do keep up with what happened at the debates, and sadly, this is far too accurate. I'd like to say I'm surprised and disappointed that this is apparently where our Presidential debates are heading, but again, it's Trump, so I'm merely disappointed.

Oh, and one last thing. In my experience the more someone brags about how smart they are, that indicates they generally are not smart. The more someone brags about how brave they are, that indicates they are generally covering for their cowardice. The more virtuous someone proclaims themselves to be, the less I am willing to trust their virtue. Let's just say I never had reason to wonder about Little Trump before this whole debacle.

Grim said...

The following comment may Not be Safe for Work, if only because it may cause you to burst out laughing at your desk.

I have a friend I met in Iraq, who retired after 20 years service as a Sergeant First Class. He served in Somalia, Bosnia, Serbia, and multiple long Army tours in Iraq. Once he finally got out, he looked for a job and found one with the local electric company. His job was to drive around and meet with their important clients, take them out to ballgames of various kinds (he had season tickets to everything in town thanks to the electric company), and make sure they were happy. For this business of running all around town every day, they gave him a company car -- a PT Cruiser.

After his first year, his boss was extremely pleased with him at his annual review. "You know, I've been thinking," the boss said. "You've been doing a great job for us. I might be able to talk to the motor pool about upgrading your company car. How'd you like to drive a Lexus?"

Sergeant First Class (Retired) looked him straight in the eyes and said, "I don't really care what kind of car you have me drive because I have an enormous penis. I would really prefer a raise."

He got a raise.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Why don't we have the next debate go straight to the "yo Mamma" jokes?

Eric Blair said...

The Republican party has been reduced to one big dick joke.

Oh well.

Grim said...

On the upside, America likes dick jokes way more than it likes the Republican party. Branding win!

douglas said...

I once heard a man yell out to a guy who had just launched his car from a red light in tire smoking fashion, "I've got a penis too!"

Thought that was pretty funny.

Look, part of why Donald is this way is because he wants competitors to be uncomfortable- so he verbally craps all over the place, 'marking' if you will, and then enjoys the advantage he's made by making you uncomfortable and taking you out of your game plan. I think it was important that someone show him that they weren't uncomfortable and could play his game just as well, if not better than he, and I think Rubio taking the low road hurt Donald in the week before Super Tuesday. I don't think it helped Rubio much though. You notice that Trump started trying really hard to 'be more presidential' that week, right? I don't think it's entirely the knocks on him that have rattled him a little in the last two debates, it's that he's realizing that the marathon that is the primaries has given his opponents the opportunity to observe and adjust and begin to effectively counter him. The question right now is was it soon enough, or too late?

You know the 1828 Jackson - Adams campaign makes this pale in comparison- accusations of pimping, adultery, bigamy, and even murder. At least, so far, Donald has only talked about the possibility of murder.

Unknown said...

If it keeps the opponent off balance, it's almost like the best defense is a good offence, even if it is crude/oafish. Also, it keeps the focus on Trump and sucks the air time away from the other candidates.
I am not aware of Trump having attack PACs, anyone know? I have the impression that his campaign is rather frugal. It occurs to me that he is his own attack PAC while the others can be a couple of steps removed and insulated from any smarminess. Sheesh, does he have a knack for zeroing in on a weak spot? I am thinking of JEB here.

Ymar Sakar said...

Trump's attack PAC is the entire internet sub culture of the Red Pill and the Alternative Right. Which is, I would estimate, to be about the effective size of Clinton and Hussein's dirty jobs department all put together, if not greater in scope.

As for Trump's advisers, some of them probably came recommended by Clinton back when he was on the phone to Donald and got him to run as a Republican.

Donald doesn't need attack PACs, because every single one of his businesses has advertisement geeks and desk jockeys to consult, from the good to the brilliant. Popular culture, branding, and politics is not all that different these days.

Ymar Sakar said...

Sarah Palin is also a populist, although for much different reasons.

But at the time, she didn't have independent or vassal resources to draw upon. Most people didn't even want to deal with the true nature of the Leftist alliance, and even more wanted to pretend the threat did not exist.

The Left had accreted a lot of advantage and logistical bases over the century.

The fact that anti Leftists and the Leftist alliance is fighting on an almost equal footing, is amusing. I wonder who is closer to maxing out their strategic resources. As I stated before, the Leftist alliance is at least 15% of their total. Hussein began the acceleration. In 2002, the Left might have been at 1% or 2% of their power. They could not have sabotaged the Vietnam war all by themselves, they had the Vietcong and the Russians on their side. The patriots had the South Vietnamese on their side.

In 2008 and 2012, the Left could destroy two wars just by wishing for it. A major difference in power levels and strategic depth.

douglas said...

I have a maybe crazy hunch that Trump is using paid trolls like Putin does. I keep seeing comments that are remarkably similar and on message, and sure there are lots of Trump supporters out there to, but I think he uses these trolls to plant seeds for his followers to cultivate and to make sure it looks like there are many others who share certain views who support Trump. He knows how to run a bandwagon, that's for sure.