Super Tuesday

Very short ballot in Georgia today: one question.

I voted in the Democratic primary against Hillary Clinton. I will vote against her again, should she survive to the general. I take this to be the last, most important duty I can perform in this deeply disappointing election cycle: to vote against her every chance I get, and thus for whomever may be running against her. At least this time her opponent is an honest man, whatever you think of his honest opinions.

We shall see what profit, if any, comes of it all. Today is a ZeroHedge kind of day, in a ZeroHedge season, in a ZeroHedge cycle.

UPDATE: With 0.1% of precincts reporting, the media has already called the state for Clinton. She may well win, but that seems wildly premature.


Joel Leggett said...

Under no circumstances will I cast a vote for Trump. I doesn't matter who the Democrats choose as their candidate.

Grim said...

We'll cross that bridge when we come to it. I feel the same way about Clinton, though -- I take ensuring she is not the next President to be the primary objective of 2016.

raven said...

I agree- her character is without question.

ColoComment said...

For all of his faults, and there are many, I suspect that Trump would be more inclined to work (deal with?) a Republican Congress than Hillary, who, after all, has Obama's imperial "pen and phone" model to follow. And Hillary has no more integrity, honor or self-denial than a lump of coal. That the country is leaning toward electing a demonstrated and evidenced serial liar, federal criminal, and SecState/Clinton Foundation bribee extraordinaire, is confounding to me.

Trump is a salesman, a deal-maker, a showman. He'd love to play the bully-pulpiteer. If some of the Congressional fiscal conservatives could exert some influence on him (moderate "if" there!), maybe we could reverse a few of the economically-disastrous Obama fiscal policies of the last 7-8 years, and begin to climb out of the economic morass that we're in.

E Hines said...

I'll vote for Don Corleone before I'll vote for Progressive Clinton, Socialist Sanders, or Nanny-State Anti-2d Amendment Bloomberg.

At least with a Trump candidacy we have a chance at retaining at least parity in the Senate, and we'll have a Republican Vice President, with all of those advantages.

For those of the Republican Party leadership who are now vowing never to support Trump in the general, if he's the Party nominee, even to the extent of bolting and forming a third party or merely supporting an existing third party candidate, I ask this: all of you are sworn to support the party's nominee, all knew the rules when you joined the party and voluntarily stayed with the party after the formation of the current rules--some even having helped form the current rules. If you bolt or otherwise refuse to support your party's nominee because the outcome of your rules is inconvenient to you, on what criterion or criteria will anyone distinguish you from the rules-be-damned members of the present Progressive-Democrat administration?

And a second question: how do you propose to distinguish your refusal to support your party's candidate or your open support for a plainly unelectable alternative from your active preference for a Progressive-Democrat President?

And a third question: if you cut and run now, when there's a Conservative setback in the offing, how can you ever be trusted not to simply scurry away the next time things get difficult for you? Nor life nor political progress is a monotonic affair. Nor is this a struggle that will be won or lost in a single election cycle. Both of which you know full well.

Eric Hines

Anonymous said...

I voted for Cruz, against one of our constables (who has trouble remembering that the law applies to everyone, including constables)and for several judges. And for two ballot initiatives and against one.

Alas, that the political commercials no longer cease (or taper down to a minimum) after the primary.