Say It Ain't So

In fairness, does anything in New York City get constructed without mob buy-in?


Edith Hook said...

I thought today's mob eschewed the pinky ring image and went all Ivy League and managerial, dedicated to skimming off the top. How can you tell the difference between them and "K Street". In fact, being from Chicago, I was born knowing that government is a form of racketeering and always has been, from the days the first elders cajoled/coerced the first chumps to build the first stockade to keep the livestock in and the two legged and four legged predators out.
Then of course, there is the Mob involved in drugs, prostitution, human trafficking, loan sharking, credit card which one are we talking about?

Texan99 said...

Trump will cheerfully acknowledge the corruption he's been forced to deal with, and it won't have any impact on his supporters at all. He'll be like the Rodney Dangerfield character is "Back to School." It's not like Clinton-style corruption, sought out for her personal benefit when she had reasonable alternatives available.