Politics as the Jerry Springer Show

Possibly also an assassination attempt on Donald Trump.

UPDATE: Drudge linked this video of Ronald Reagan's response to lawbreaking protests. It's worth watching for the short clip of him reading the riot act to the college faculty.


Anonymous said...

Here's Donald Trump at Kansas City the day after the Chicago rally was shut down.


The first ten minutes is all about the disruptions. I included the whole speech just because I like the full picture.

I caught this by accident, while I was washing dishes in the kitchen. I do believe I saw the next President of the United States at a critical point on the way to election.


Grim said...

I wonder.

It's not impossible to think that Americans are just going to be sick and tired of the BLM style shutdowns. They'll appreciate the guy who stands strong and stops it.

It's also possible that Americans will keep singing the song they've been singing all my adult life. This story is tailor made to be a mental replay of the Civil Rights era in which people will be invited to show how noble they are by playing the part of "those people who were on the side of Dr. King." The differences in the eras won't matter: everyone thinks they know the story already, so they just have to sing along with a song they already know perfectly well. Just like the Iraq war was taken as a second coming of Vietnam, and the mental picture people invested it with was of noble hippies against the evil forces of Empire, this is a Baby Boomer 60s story at a time when the Boomers still control all the levers of cultural power.

In that case, Donald Trump is a dead man walking. I mean that politically, but as this event shows, it could be actually true as well.

Anonymous said...

Grim, I think you summed up a great deal of what I've been seeing and wondering about (I'm between the Boomers and Gen X, age-wise). If someone is following a pre-written mental script, the can easily adjust and trim what is reported (the #BLM violence and the ugly behavior) to a "better" version and ignore what others complain about. And so with the various candidates and the even larger cultural situation.


Ymar Sakar said...


What times these are, for those who had seen it for what it was, before it had come to pass.