He Is Very Disappointed In Us

David Frum, writing in the Atlantic, says of the President:
He admits one major mistake: not making sufficient allowances for how unreasonable other people are.
Apparently he inherited lousy allies as well as an American population that is significantly less capable than he expected.


Texan99 said...

Headwinds. Poor baby.

raven said...

He does not have a clue what "unreasonable" is. Anymore than the SJW's know what oppression is.

They think "unreasonable" is the slightest objection to their desired total dominance.

And yet, ignorance as they are, they think an absolute iron control over speech and political action means they have won. The problem being that politics is just a civil way to divvy up the goodies. If they won't let some people have even a bite of the cake, and won't let them argue about it, the cakeless may just decide to invoke Clausewitz and turn to alternative means of politics.

Gringo said...

At least Obama is being consistent. This is the closest he has come to admitting failure, and it comes with his having "overestimated" others. His "Be reasonable: do what I expect you to do" is consistent with his approach to the Republican Congress: "Compromise: do what I want."

Vicki said...

Boo Hoo

Ymar Sakar said...

The Light Shone on the American livestock, and they believed. But they were as yet unworthy of serving their Messiah, Hussein Obola.