Friday Night AMV

Ride of the Valkeries. 
Hueys, Cobras, "Why-do-you-guys-sit-on-your-helmets?", Goth-lolli girl with a giant axe. Wait, what? So......what would happen if your average medieval fantasy world opened a gate into out world?

"Brought to you by Shinzo Abe".   Heh.


Grim said...

I like how the overall Japanese commander -- only seen at the end, when the fighting commander reports victory -- gives a simple grunt that is translated, "Well done."

Tom said...

That was weird.

The final exchange is kind of interesting as well.

"What army are you with?"

"We are the Self Defense Forces."

Because Japan's constitution doesn't allow it to have an army, you can take that exchange a few ways.

It may have no particular importance. It may be, "We're not an army, we're self defense forces." Or, it may be "Our army is called the Self Defense Forces."

Eric Blair said...

Since it was made in Japan for a Japanese audience, I suspect the former, although the latter is true, technically.

Tom said...

Although, they're playing with the idea of Col. Kurtz, who in the movie went rogue and built his own army, and Shinzo Abe has talked about loosening restrictions on the SDF.

You're probably right, but it kind of stood out to me.

RonF said...

"Start the music!"

That may become a new catchphrase around work ....

Ymar Sakar said...

America used to be like that, until the Fall of Saigon at least.

A lot of sad comparisons.
The word they are using is Jiei tai, Self Defense Unit, but what they are doing isn't self defense as is defined in the connotative definition.

"jiei independent, self-employed, self-supporting
jiei self-defense
jiei bodyguard"

Japan is recognized, even by their own citizens, as being a vassal/protectorate of the United States.

Some of them aren't satisfied with that kind of feed the dog relationship any more. They've been rebuilding a little bit at a time since the Ministry of Defense was reactivated by Abe sometime in 2008.