Brokerage and floor fights

Knowing nothing of brokered conventions, and having recently discovered I can't even figure out my own state's rules for allotting delegates to candidates, I found this article by Michael Barone interesting.  He predicts that the rules will permit the party to outmaneuver Trump almost no matter how the vote comes out, that Cruz will end up with the nomination, and that we'll know the answer by June.


Grim said...

There will be a price to be paid in voter enthusiasm if Trump shows up with around a thousand votes and a clear lead, but is denied the nomination. Hopefully it won't be such a price that it allows Clinton to walk into the Oval Office.

Eric Blair said...

I have no confidence in anything that any political pundit is saying this year. I don't know that much about the internal convention processes and structures of the Republican party, but neither does Barone.

It is all blather at this point. Just look at anyone was saying 6 months ago. Everybody is wrong.