Russian Propaganda Says Hillary Clinton Emails to be Used in Court Trial

Putin's government gets to use the weekend's news both to rub her face in the security lapse, and to advance its own agenda against Ukrainian forces. Here's the intro:
A very intriguing Federal Security Services (FSB) report prepared for The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation (SLEDKOM) relating to the trial of Ukrainian “spy/terrorist” Nadiya (Nadezhda) Savchenko states that “beyond top secret” emails obtained from a “private computer storage device” belonging to former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton “should/must” be allowed into the sentencing phase of this case due not only to their “critical relevance”, but, also, because the “apprehension” of them falls outside the purview of the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR).
Naturally you should understand that this is all a pack of lies. There's no reason to believe the emails in question had anything to do with Ukraine, nor that legitimate copies of Clinton's emails will be used in a Russian court. The statement comes only a day or two after the State Department admitted to the existence of these emails. While it is likely that Russian intelligence obtained them, this story is just Putin's propaganda people using the story for advancing the ball.

On the other hand, the 22 emails are 'too damaging to release, even redacted.' So Russia's free to say whatever they want, and to generate any "emails" it wants, and enter them into the court record without fear of contradiction. We might get a denial from Clinton that the emails are genuine, but what's a Clinton denial worth even in America?

It's a very neat trick. Any Russians wondering if the story is true will find ample confirmation that these SAP emails existed in the international press, and that State has refused to release them because they are so damaging. They will find US officials confirming that it is virtually certain that Russian intelligence obtained these emails. Why not believe the story, given all that?

UPDATE: This story, on the other hand, might really be true -- and if so, prison is too good for her.


Grim said...

At Raven's request, I have deleted his earlier comments detailing the torture that has befallen American patriots in the intelligence service who have been captured by our enemies. They were only intended to underline the depth of betrayal that Mrs. Clinton's cavalier treatment of this information represents.

raven said...

Thank you.

It all sounds so dry in the reports- "intelligence lapses", that sort of thing- but real people pay with their lives.
It is infuriating to see the casual, callus disregard for the very people who put themselves at great risk for us.

And that is still far to close a focus- the reason these people are taking the risks, is to secure our nation, and prevent our defeat.

Defeat. So dry a word. It does not conjure up the images we have all seen- People (not the readers at the Hall, I am sure) seem to think defeat means we will be accorded a treatment much like the Germans or Japanese received from us. They will be surprised should we ever fall.

Ymar Sakar said...

Actually, the Russians have reason to believe Ukraine was set up against them via Soros, Europe, and US intel services.

So even if you think it's not connected, they do think it is connected to US State Department. And they're probably right. The State Department is connected to arming AQ and ISIL in Syria and Libya after all, and those were Americans that got killed there. Why would they care more about protecting Ukrainians or Russians.

Ymar Sakar said...

Snowden wasn't the only one with hidden access to US intel secrets. That was just for the NSA, a surprise because the military is known for being paranoid.

The US government's other branches had long ago been penetrated by double spies and Communist setups. Russia isn't necessarily in control of them now, it was the KGB and Stasi before and those got flushed when they failed to wipe some of their records. They wiped enough to keep themselves out of death's parade though, especially the Stasi when they integrated back with Germany's gov.

So basically the rest of the US government, DC included, is like a siege. You don't get scandals about it because they are constantly leaking stuff, as was true during Vietnam and under bush II as well. It's part of why enemies are so often prepared against US policies. You just don't ever hear about it, because the penetration is about 99.5%. It's not a surprise, not even to the media.

DC is full of traitors. Once a person keeps that in perspective, it all makes sense.