In Mother Russia, Disco Goes Clubbing on YOU

In fairness, I saw a very similar scene once in Charlotte, North Carolina. Except instead of 'refugees' harassing women, it was a pack of what are sometimes referred to as 'Yankees.' The most aggressive one got as far as lecturing a woman, "Listen, b****, I'm from the Bronx and..." before an impromptu citizens' committee formed to explain the error of their ways.

There weren't 51 of them, though. There were about five.


Eric Blair said...

Nobody admits to being from the Bronx.

Grim said...

I only convey what I happened to overhear. I had no further part in the story. It needed nothing from me.

Anonymous said...

51. That number struck me, too. That's even big for a gang.


Texan99 said...

18 of them into the hospital, and the police, perceiving a generalized "brawl," filed no charges against anyone. It seems they have a different view of refugee orientation programs.

I'm trying to imagine the "hospital," too--some quiet place where the newly indoctrinated arrivals can recover without bleeding too much on any taxpayers?

I'm also a bit in awe of how badly you have to act to get kicked out of Norway.

Grim said...

I mean, in terms of orientation I expect this was effective.

raven said...

Next time the Russians should use shashka . I am personally offended at the ethnic infringement of American culture by furriners using baseball bats. It just ain't right.

We can start a list of ethnically acceptable weapons and go Full SJW on their ass. There will be absolutely no cultural appropriation allowed.

Canadians- that's obvious- hockey sticks. As an alternative, chain saws.
English- again, obvious- cricket bat. Or longbow.
Swedes- bearded axe. Or something with the name "ULFBERT" on it.
French- cheese roll? What was I thinking..! Bec de corbin.
Italians- rapier, wine bottle, or salami, whatever falls to hand quickest.
Romanians- wooden stake.
Poles- anything that can be used with one hand, so you can finish the pirogi with the other. No lances, it did not work so good last time.
Sardinians, Corsicans, -The lupara.
Scot's- large tree trunks, they have been training for this forever.
Irish- beer mug.-practice makes perfect. style points if no beer is spilled.
Swiss- halberds, naturally.
American -baseball bat, Bowie knife, or anything that the States of Maryland, NJ, NY, and CA deem too dangerous for private possession.
Any country south of the equator, with a GDP less than Rhode Island- machete, panga, barong, etc.

Be sure to submit your own suggestions so we can run it by the SJW's on the local campus and get approval!

Grim said...

The Irish have to be allowed shillelaghs, and the Scots the claymore. Actually, that's a range of different weapons, since the word just means 'great sword' in Gaelic. ("Mohr" is "great," as in John McIntosh Mohr, the founder of the Scottish Highlander colony here in Georgia. Thus, "claidh-mohr" is "great sword." It was applied to the biggest weapon in use in the period, which ranged from the longswords used by William Wallace and others to the basket-hilted one-hand swords used e.g. in the 18th century.)

raven said...

Shillelaghs! Of course!

The Scot's seem to have had a lot of practice throwing large boulders-
perhaps they could be the "back up weapon" , to bring into play if the claymore suffers battle damage.

Inspiration has struck! Scotsmen, due to their propensity for lugging around boulders, could be ideally suited for trebuchet crews! Somebody has to load them, after all.

Ymar Sakar said...

Far as I know, importing in Chinese made tempered high carbon steel swords, if they are blunt, is perfectly fine in Europe. Just think of them as baseball bats that are more expensive and durable.

Ymar Sakar said...

The problem with weapons was historically 2 things.
1. The training required to make use of it, like manpower.
2. Where to get a supply of weapons, as somebody has to make them, and it's usually not the peasants with the time or mass manufacturing capacity for it.

The global economy has made arms transfers much easier, along with training cadre spread as well. It isn't merely the superpowers like America selling arms overseas to cartels and terrorists.