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A sold out concert in Tampa, Florida may lack the usual police protection.
In the wake of Beyonce’s controversial Super Bowl halftime performance of her new song “Formation” — which critics say contains an anti-cop message — police and politicians around the country have been speaking out against it.

But the criticism could be manifesting itself in practical ways, given what’s happened since police in Tampa, Florida, got a request to work her April 29 concert in town.

Usually off-duty officers sign up to work concerts and sporting events for extra cash, but to date no officers have signed up for the show, WTVT-TV reported. And given it’s expected to sell out, that could be a security issue.

While police spokesman Steve Hegarty couldn’t tell the station if zero sign-ups means local cops are angry with Beyonce, he did say the show would have security.
I didn't see the Superbowl, but I did see a lot of mockery of her for having demanded a police escort that closed off an entire highway for her motorcade -- in order to sing a song about the evils of cops. That's par for the course with these celebrities, though. I may field occasional criticisms of police, but I don't ask them to bow and scrape to me while I do it. In fact, I try to leave them alone, and if I do have to call them for some reason -- usually a neighbor's escaped livestock, out here -- I always treat them with the courtesy and respect due to someone who shows up when called to do a hard job.

Probably this lady will get her way again, as the sense of duty toward securing the concert-goers overwhelms the bad taste in the mouths of off-duty police.

But hey -- if the police thing doesn't work out, she can always try the Outlaws.


douglas said...

Why exactly should off duty policemen have a "duty" to protect concertgoers? I'm sure if no police are willing to work the event, it'll make the news that the security, whatever there is of it, isn't made up of off-duty cops, and concertgoers can make their decisions about whether or not to go of their own free will. I see no duty of the police officers to work an event on their own time.

Grim said...

I assume the police department will provide on-the-clock officers if they can't get off-duty ones. That's where duty would kick in -- in the sense that it would be irresponsible to leave the concert goers without security even if the headliner doesn't deserve it.

douglas said...

Many municipalities require security be provided at the promoters expense to be granted things like licenses to sell alcohol, or gather large numbers of people for commercial purposes. If they end up providing publically funded security (police) for her event, they ought to also send a bill. I'm guessing that would be considerably more expensive than the usual arrangements.

Ymar Sakar said...

An honest way for people to show that they no longer have to provide community service, to the traitors of their community.

Now if only they would figure out that Obeying Union orders isn't doing community service either.

Ymar Sakar said...

Also a huge difference from First Generation feminists, the real women, in Britain who hired Japanese judo instructors to train loyal feminist women in how to bodyguard their own pro feminist speakers, and to demonstrate independence of will and of freedom through security.

These are people who have "progressed" due to feminism? I doubt it. They have regressed, back to something like 3.0 Slaves.