Headline: "Pentagon may upgrade hundreds of troops to possible Medals of Honor."

Lower standards across the board.


Ymar Sakar said...

It's like they are getting paid off, like Kerry's purple heart. Prestige and rank upgrade for later.

Tom said...

In the early years of operations in Iraq and Afghanistan I remember military people complaining that one pretty much had to die to get the MOH, and that there were not enough being given out to living troops who deserved it by past standards. I wonder if this might be a genuine correction.

According to the all-knowing Wikipedia, there were 126 given for WWI, 471 for WWII, 145 for Korea, and 257 for Vietnam.

In contrast, only 4 have been given for Iraq (2003-11) and 13 for Afghanistan (2001-present).

Grim said...

That's true. I thought Briah Chontosh should have been awarded the MOH.

Still, I'm suspicious of anything coming from this SECDEF.

Anonymous said...

Alas, what Grim said. I fear the award will be tarnished by the administration in some way, based on their selection for certain civilian awards.

Little Red1