Lone Wolf in Eric Blair's Backyard?

The officer did well:
Hartnett was shot in the arm multiple times after 13 shots were fired into the vehicle. He was able to return fire and hit the suspect, 30-year-old Edward Archer, who has survived. Police are now confirming the situation as a terrorism investigation and have revealed the suspect admitted to carrying out the shooting in the name of Islam after pledging loyalty to ISIS.

"He [the suspect] said he did it for his religious beliefs," police officials said Friday in a press conference.
I see via Instapundit that the weapon used by the terrorist was a stolen police firearm.


E Hines said...

He did more than return fire. According to today's presser and the imagery the top cops presented at that presser, he got out of his car and gave chase. Is was in that chase that he hit his...assailant.

The officer is in stable condition in the hospital.

Eric Hines

Grim said...

Very well done. Attack into the ambush!

Eric Blair said...

Another one of these asshole Wahabbi wannabes in a man-dress. Some of the dipsticks even dye their beards with henna, like the Pashtun.

They are all over the place here. 60th and Spruce st. There's a Mosque in an old church on Spruce in the 40's or 50's. They probably know the clown there.