The Last Days of Advent

Prepare yourselves.


Cassandra said...

Heh :)

Duffle blog strikes again:

WASHINGTON — The United States Marine Corps Band was NJPed last night midway through a holiday concert held at the Pentagon, after performing “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.”

“We started out with ‘Sleigh Ride,’ played as a fantasia on tuba, and no one was even paying attention,” said Lt. Col. Jason Fessler, 28th Director of the Marine Corps Band, “The President’s Own.” “I thought I’d sass it up a little with a vocalist, so we skipped ahead in the program.”

As the band rested, leaving only a jazz ensemble remaining, two vocalists began a rendition of “Baby it’s Cold Outside,” the 1944 pop hit. Sometime around the line, “My answer is no,” a lone major left the room, whispering to friends that there should have been a trigger warning for the concert.

“A murmur fell over the crowd.” said Sgt. Elaine Martin, a vocalist in the band. “Then I said the line, ‘say what’s in this drink?” and a specialist sitting in the audience stood up and awkwardly stood between the vocalists. He just kept saying ‘bystander intervention’ again and again.”

Grim said...

I love the Duffel blog. :)

Assistant Village Idiot said...

For those of you who don't know Quincy, this isn't far off.